Tuesday, September 11, 2007

State Senator Kurita Visits Houston County

Senator Kurita visited Houston county Tuesday starting at the J D Lewis Senior
Citizen center. While there Senator Kurita sat down with the area ladies for a few minutes
of gossip watched a few minutes of a tough game of rook where a starting bid of
100 was the norm and then it was off to Erin City hall where she talked to the
mayor and other city official about their areas of concern. There was discussion
about grants for a building to store local equipment at the old sewer plant that is now stored in the park and the basement of city hall .  Then questions about downtown revitalization with Kurita saying they had been approved for 218,000,00 and next
was a question what might she do  to relive the financial problem facing Trinity
hospital that has already lead to pay cuts and a cash only for many items that
the hospital purchases. These problems if not fixed would  lead  to
its closing along with the Waverly hospital.  Next on Kurita schedule was
lunch at the Rotary where Kurita  answered  question about Tenn-care
and the Hope scholarship and other items of intrest of which the hospital was
again ask about. Next on what was a busy schedule Kurita met with County
official about areas of concern one of which was the pay scale of some county
employees because of population not the work that was being done.  Next on
the list was a discusion with the Historical Society which was about a tour she
took of James Polks Home . Next was a meeting at the Library done like a
community forum and to close out the day it was off to Southern-Aire  in
Mc Kinnon for supper and home. The talks were personal the questions were
many  and only time will tell the results.

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