Sunday, October 28, 2007

Thirty Year

Front Row: L-R:
Paul Morris, Gordon Pulley, Mike Manners, Phil Taylor, Daryl Stover,
Jim Story, Joe Reece, David
Back Row L-R:
Randy Gill, (Mgr.) Ray Vaughn, (Head Coach) Jim McPeake, (Assistant
Coach) Barry Barnett,
Don Burdette,
Bryon Walker, Cape Taylor, Marshall Nichols, Marlon Browning, Ricky
Middleton, Donny Hill,
Bill Pollard,
Trent Knott.

Not in Attendance:
Greg Humphrey, Phillip Foster, Caleb Wilson, Timmy Allen, David Schaller,
Mitch Dobbins, Wayne McKinney, Mike Lopshire, Billy Haynes, Joe Hale,
Kenny Schaller, Parker Egner, Steve Evans, Tim Dobbins, Tim Bruce.

October 12, 2007, a special
reunion was held honoring 1977 HCHS Football Team. It was the first
time HCHS had an undefeated team in regular season with a perfect 10-0
record. They are the only football team in the history Houston County
to accomplish this great feat! The ceremony was held during halftime
at the HCHS home game against Camden. The players were treated with
a meal and a cake honoring them provided by the parents of player Ricky
Middleton. The players walked on the field where there was a moment
of silence on behalf of beloved deceased player Ricky Mobley. Roses
were passed from player to player in remembrance of their fallen teammate.
Also, player Marshall Nichols announced the retirement of his number
39 football jersey. Marshall rushed over 1400 yards during the regular
season. The team went on to play in the second round in the state championships.
These players and the coaches were successful because they played with
pure heart and soul. Their dedication to their school, coaches, and
especially to each other showed on the field. They were proud of their
team and who they were. We are just as proud of them now and who they
have all become. They deserve the recognition and honor for the way
they represented our county and gave us something to be proud of.

Lisa Pulley

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